KurtSafir İnşaat Alanya

KurtSafir & Granada Luxury Resort

Its the most natural right of you to see the property that you want to buy, by living the quality and Alanya’s beauties one to one .

For this reason ,KurtSafir construction company has been providing pre sales and post sales service to our precious customers with the philosophy of limitless service and free accomodation and free transportation chance.

We would be happy to accomodate our precious customers in Granada Luxury Resort Otel which is the most beautiful hotel of Alanya.

If you want to have a property in Alanya , please contact us in order to live limitless service difference...

Адрес:Alara Turizm Merkezi Okucalar / Antalya
Телефон:+90 242 510 07 07
Факс:+90 242 510 07 77
Электронная почта:info@granada.com.tr

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имястрана / час
ТелефонЭлектронная почта
Yeni Mahalle Barbaros Cadessi Euro Residence V Sitesi, B Blok No: 1 TR-07450 Mahmutlar / Alanya / TURKIYE
Телефон: +90 242 528 5553     Факс:+90 242 528 5472     Мобильный телефон: +90 532 733 1152     Skype: kurt-safir     Электронная почта: info@kurtsafir.com