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Corendon Airlines has landed to Gazipaşa on April 4, with its new generation Boeing 737-800 aircraft which is one of the most common aircraft type in the world.

Happy End

As it has been announced by Corendon Airlines managerial squad there before that Corendon Airlines would be the first airline company landed to Gazipaşa with Boeing 737-800 type aircrafts by the permission of Turkish Directorate of Civil Aviation. After a two-year long procedural and special training process, Corendon Airlines achieved permission from Turkish Directorate of Civil Aviation and has landed to Gazipaşa. The first flight on April 4 with 170 passengers on board; has launched a new era and let the dreams of Alanya people came true.

The role of Boeing 737-800

In the past Gazipaşa Airport was also hosting the airlines but only to the aircraft types with capacity of maximum to 149 passengers… With the brand new operation of Corendon Airlines, Gazipaşa Airport opened its doors to the most popular touristic aircrafts.

Boeing 737-800 aircrafts are one of the most common aircraft types across the world which provides saving in fuel consumption and operating costs by it’s special aerodynamics.

Benefit of the Gazipaşa

Alanya, the one of the most popular holiday destination of Turkish Mediterranean coast is 45 km far from Gazipaşa Airport. The nearest ‘active’ airport to Alanya is Antalya Airport and the distance between Antalya and Alanya is almost 135 kilometers. In the past the tourists who came from European countries was transporting from Antalya to Alanya in 2 hours time by road subsequent to a long air transport.

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